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A tournemnt will be held this Saturday (1/31/2015).

This tournament is Classic Kill Confirmed (3v3) ONLY and prizes will be provided by DHGLeroyJenk1ns. Maps will be chosen at random.

This tournament is open to anyone in DHG or DHJ. You are more than welcome to mix and match your teammates as long as they are in one of the communities above.

Please have the captain (or leader) on your team add DHGINVTOURNEY1 to their friends list (THIS SHOULD BE ONLY 1 PERSON THAT IS ON YOUR TEAM). Once you have this done, have the captain send an XBL message to DHGLeroyJenk1ns giving the names of the people on their team.

Prizes: $10 Microsoft Currency for each person on winning team. 
agentderpdhg Im so down
DHG TaKe NoTeS Lol DHG TheKnowOne look at the title lol
DHG EXO RADDIT are we able to spectate the tournament

Xbox One E-Sports Team

DHG Jaybone a posted Jan 26, 15
Anyone that has Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One, and is willing to commit to a competitive team, please message DHG Monzzzter to tryout for the team. You are not required to be in a squad on the Xbox One to participate. 
DHG Viper God Would a DHJ member be allowed to Try out?
DHG Snake eyes What ever happen to Dankol when approached this subject?
DHG Monzzzter Please add DHG eSports on xbox live in order stay informed on tryouts dates and times
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