There will be a Xbox One Advanced Warfare FFA Tourney on Saturday 4/25 starting @ 9pm est sponsored by DHG BARTENDER. Prizes are: 1st_$40, 2nd_$20, 3rd_$10. ADD DHG TOURNEY7 to sign up.

xSGT PHILLIPS Cant Wait It's going to be fun!!!
DHG Messiah Lol ...
DHG Messiah OMG Good Luck bro!!!

There is a Forge Contest currently going on in Master Chief Collection. There are 3 types of maps that can be submitted. The Prizes are $30 for slayer based maps, $30 for objective based maps, and $30 for fun game maps. The Winners will be decided on Saturday April 25, 2015. Add DHG TOURNEY3 to enter this contest. Judging will starting at 7pm est.  

DHG Jericho a you can! from what I understand, anyway.
DHG SNAFU Is this contest only for DHG members on the mcc or can we get in on it beings im in the halo4 division???

There will be a Xbox 360 Advanced Warfare FFA Tourney on Saturday 4/18 starting @ 7pm est sponsored by DHG BARTENDER. Prizes are: 1st_$40, 2nd_$30, 3rd_$20, 4th_$10, 5th_$10, 6th_$10. ADD DHG TOURNEY4, DHG TOURNEY5, or DHG TOURNEY6 to sign up .


1st - DHG Bionic, 2nd - DHG Wise Legend, 3rd - DHG SuPeRiOr, 4th - DHG ThorTyme, 5th - DHG DYNAMIC,

6th - DHG ExaMpL

DHG SUPERIOR a The tournament will start momentarily. Please be aware we are dealing with a large group of people and a small amount of ...
DHG SHORT FUSED sounds cool
DHG Optimistic I want to transfer divisions from halo 4 to cod advanced warfare . I need to speak to a cod officer
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the heck Nero
Get hefted!!!!woot woot!!!lol
Shout out to Sobbwagon for having a crappy mic!
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